mercoledì 30 gennaio 2019

Salam Vazaha! {Madagascar : People}

We've come back from Madagascar after a two weeks trip exactly three months ago.
I haven't had the courage to go through the thousand of pictures I've took up until recently, and by this time, it's too hard to repost this as a diary. I don't remember what we ate which day, how many km we drove the day after or exactly what we saw. So I'm going to report this in a different way, with a lot of pictures and very few words, and I'm going to start with people. 
Because people, this people, I clearly remember.

p.s. It's also too hard to do any kind of post production, mainly because I can't do post production, so the pictures you see here are exactly as I took them with my camera.

The number of kids popping up from every corner as soon as we stepped down the car, or even drove by, yelling "Salam Vazaha!" (Hello Foreigner!) was what impressed me the most. They are the friendliest and even if shy, curiosity drove them to see us. In some towns they were more accustom to see tourists, or foreigners in general, but in some others I really felt a little out place. Not because of anything they did, don't get me wrong. I've never, in fact, felt in danger or risks of any kind. Any. The truth is I've never been in such a poor country, and as much as I think I'm aware of how the world goes, my privileged life doesn't allow me to completely understand. I could have taken way more pictures, but I really wanted to also just look at them. Because look at them! Could you take your eyes away? 

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