domenica 22 aprile 2018

What I've Learned This Week |Eleven|

1. Giving your resignation from a job that just wasn't right for you gives a very good feeling of freedom.

two. I had almost two weeks of time in between jobs. I had a whole list of things to do. I love lists. I love having things to do. I also love having the possibility of having to do something and being able to post pone it to give naps a Netflix the priority, ah!

Three. It felt good to not having anyplace to be or anyone to listen to for a couple of weeks . but I'm sure it was just because I knew I soon was going to have someplace to be and a boss to listen to every morning.

FOUR. How is it that the time spent at home always seems shorter? Or better how is it that I always miscalculate how long a task will take to get done or how long that 30 minutes episode actually ends up being...!

FiVe. I love, love, love new beginnings, and this is a such a big one.
Almost everything I've known for the past year is going to change.
My normal day consisted in a very long and dreaded driving commute to a job I didn't love, before, most days, an hour in a gym that I needed after all that time spent seated.
I now can decide to ride my bike to work, or better take the bus given the raining days rate in Manchester, walk in the city center for fifteen minutes, loving the job for the values and the purpose of the company and and don't feel the physical need to go to the gym given all the walking I will be doing.
This is a big change. And it's going to be good!

martedì 10 aprile 2018

Edamus Bibamus Gaudeamus! Primum Vivere Deinde Philosophari.

Where else in the world can you find graffiti in latin?
Edamus Bibamus Gaudeamus! Primum Vivere Deinde Philosophari.
Let's eat, let's drink, let's cherish. First live, then rationalise.

I have the luxury of, in order:

having a sister and brother in law
having a nephew
having them living in Rome
celebrating him for his birthday every year (but one, so far!)

This time was no exception and I went visit.

We forced them to be a tourist in their own town and walked around for two days: he was such a good sport!
And he's beginning to grasp the fact that he lives in one of the most beautiful, meaningful, poignant city in the world, or he will for sure figure it out when he comes visit Manchester :D.

Good thing he's becoming a Potterhead , to which I take all the blame, and he seems to love anything British.

I told him, beauty is the eye of the beholder, but he'll soon understand that nothing, nowhere, can compare to this.


Always magic, even with rain.
remember: then rationalise.

lunedì 5 marzo 2018

What I Miss and What I Love

This is an attempt of summarise things I miss and things I love.
Of course it's not perfectly articulate and not nearly complete as, to no one surprise, the things I miss are way more deep than a blog post could ever describe and, to my surprise, the things I love are so , so many more.

What I miss
One. I miss my family and friends and my friends kids. And possibly become their favourite aunt!.
I have to admit though that I thought it was going to be worst. Technology helps a lot. And cheap flights too!
me and my niece and nephew
Two. I miss the sense of community I had in familiar places: rowing team I saw three or four times a week plus all the time spent on trips for the regattas. The volunteer group I was part of for basically all my adult life. Even just walking in town, in my very small town, and meeting people you know and that know you.  
rowing in Venice with my favourite crew!
Three. Being able to express my thoughts with no effort at all and understanding everything that goes around a table drinking a beer.
Not having an accent and sounding completely and utterly NORMAL to everyone.

Four. This may sound very childish and from a spoiled brat but I really miss my food and wine. My healthy, good , gorgeous food. I really took for granted the forever availability of the good option everywhere, from the work canteen to the fancy restaurant. As it turns out, not that easy on this side of the world.

What I love

One. The new friends I’m making. It takes time, and the older you get , the harder it gets. But moving away it’s a very good chance to see new faces and making new friends. Not an easy task, especially for impatient people like me, but I’m starting to think I’ve got lucky on this side of the world too.

Birthday Chinese dinner for a friend
Two. Because everything is new, you just need this twenty seconds of bravery to go out there and introduce yourself. It might not be the most comfortable feeling , but it’s exciting, it’s new, you don’t know what’s going to happen and you are free to be what ever you want to be. Hopefully the best version of yourself to show off to you new community. And that’s the plan!

Three. I can speak another language and the local one pretty well too.  I’ll never not be a foreigner. I’ll always have an accent. And it’s weirdly intricated with all the places I’ve learned English in. Somebody from work thought I was Italian American the other day. I speak at least two languages every day and that’s pretty cool.

Four. Manchester is the most cosmopolitan town I’ve ever visited. It’s young, it’s growing , it’s embracing its immigrants and it’s also a foodie town. This means you can find a good restaurant serving food from basically every country of the world. Without even trying, in the past year I’ve had Chinese (of course), Indian (many…and picked my favourite), Greek (very fond of this place), Japanese, Vietnamese, British ( of course!), American (not worth it), Lebanese, Peruvian, Korean and Canadian. And when homesickness hits hard, a very good pizzeria it’s just around the corner!
Sunday Roast cooked by local friends!

venerdì 2 marzo 2018

Year One

Today mark exactly one year since I first set foot in the UK. 
What a year!

I took the day off, ah!
And run errands all day long. Went to routine visit to the doctor. Went groceries shopping. Cooked dinner. Burned dinner. Did the laundry. (Late) Terrible homemaker.

But, I went to see the works on the  house and it's coming together. You wouldn't really say by now since there's the carpet ripped off, the kitchen without half of the cabinets, the bathroom with no shower or bath tub and rubble everywhere.

It kinda feels like my daily life this past year: cant say it's totally there yet, but I can definitely imagine how it's going to be: rustic, lived and real.

venerdì 16 febbraio 2018

What I've Learned This Year

One. Leaving home is always hard, no matter who old you are and how many times you’ve done it before. People kept telling me “you’ve been in this position before, for even further places” and it’s true.   But every time it’s its own set of emotions and it doesn’t get easier.

Two. Changes could be frustrating but they come with growth. Right? Ok. In the past year I’ve changed my status, my country, my living arrangements, my job, my car, the side of the road I have to ride on, what I do in my spare time, how I spend my weekends, my workout routines, my eating routines, my sleeping routines, actually all of my routines. It’s been challenging to say the least but since a while ago it’s starting to look like it’s going to be good.

Three. I miss rowing but what I’ve missed more is what it brought, my friends, the sense of community, the working hard for a goal, even the drama that came with it. Maybe it’s time to start again.

Four. Twenty seconds of bravery is all you need: when showing up to a group of people you never met before and you’re trying to be friends with or be the new colleague, or the new volunteer, or the new member… I’ve used this method a lot in the past year.

Five. Only in case of a move one realises how much stuff one has. Now imagine multiplying that by two. And moving overseas. Very thankful for my parents and their garage and the long hours I spent there in the middle of winter deciding, keep, purge, donate, ship, bring with me. 
I through away more than what I've kept (Including my bouquet).
And for this reason 2018 is the year where I’m not buying anything that is not food or otherwise one hundred per cent not necessary. (I’ve actually already broke this buying a 3 pound DVD..oops)

Life gets exciting so very easily and for this I’m very grateful.

 Things are always moving fast, but this 12 months were one for the books!

mercoledì 14 febbraio 2018

Five Things I Do Wrong and Five Things I Do Right

  1. I don’t answer his questions. Especially on the small issues, it really seems like I’m ignoring him. Sometimes I’m only just thinking about an answer, but I understand how it comes out as frustrating.
  2. I ask and ask and ask until he answer my questions :D
  3. I snap at him or answer sharply even when not necessary.
  4. Sometimes I start doing something else while I’m cooking and create very avoidable messes that he then feels like having to fix.
  5. I don’t take perfect care of myself in a ladylike kind of way in weight, make up, change of earrings, buying new clothes…

  1. Even if I don’ t really believe in it, I make the bed when I’m the last getting up, which thankfully is fairly rare.
  2. When he’s away for a couple of days I make sure the house is clean and tidy
  3. I grocery shop and cook lunches and dinners I know he likes
  4. I push him to do the things I know he would like to do, even if this means we’re spending more time apart and I try, as much as possible, to not involve him in things I know he doesn't like.…sometimes it’s not possible :D
  5. I always kiss him warmly morning and night

Happy Valentines Day!

venerdì 9 febbraio 2018

British Food 2

how left the dogs out? who? who who who who?
p.s. I spent 3,5£ on it and I couldn't finish it.