lunedì 22 ottobre 2018

Two Years

three houses lived in
one house bought
seven countries visited together for the first time
twelve Netflix series
fifty four plane rides combined
one hundred forty three nights apart
five road trips
five films at the movies
five friends hosted
countless discussion over new furniture and cabinets colour
two new jobs
seven hundred twenty eight very thriving, full, happy days

Lately I’m on a high of love and gratitude and so I intend to stay as long as possible.
Because it’s easy to be heavy and hard to be light.
and becoming better at being each other’s spouse must be what makes it light.
I definitely made an excellent choice.

venerdì 24 agosto 2018

What I've Learned This Week |Thirteen|

Despite the fact that in the office we’re all adults, my pears went missing from the fridge the other day. Who takes other peoples fruits? When you work about two seconds away from many different supermarkets? It was really sad.

I need help with my addictions: my Phone. Food. Coffee. Help. Help. I asked M to point out when he notices I’m on too much, but most of the time, my husband is not with me. I spend two hours commuting, and it would be enough time a day to be scrolling scrolling and scrolling, right? Wrong. For some reason the other night I ended up watching “The ten best cheap American beer ranked” on youtube. I don’t even like cheap American beer.                                                    
For coffee…I’m going caffeine free for about a month every now and then and it works, and I feel wonderful. I’m off for a couple of days, with headaches and bad night sleep but after I sleep better and longer. It also didnt’ really help being in Italy for 4 days after months of bad British coffee. Look at this beauty.

I’ve always been a morning person, expect maybe for a regression between 22 and 23 when I was working at night and therefore sleeping until noon.                                                                             
But lately, I’ve been setting my alarm clock thirty minutes before I actually need to be up. At home I do random things during those thirty minutes, and I even manage to go to the gym before work once. I want to try and keep it up. The only problem is that I want to zonk out by 10,30…

For the second time,i.e. always, we’re going to miss the Manchester Pride Weekend. It’s supposed to be amazing! And the town it’s preparing so well for it! even the trams are decorated. I know it’s very probably just cheap marketing but it gives me such a good sense of openness and civil sense of right.

Happy Weekend Everyone! Be Proud!

mercoledì 1 agosto 2018

Four Seasons in a Day {Peak District}

We decided to go for a hike before the days became too short and dark.
Invited a bunch of people, drove there for about an hour and started out trail.
We experienced summer sun, wind you could lean on without falling, light breeze and pouring rain.

domenica 29 luglio 2018

Manchester's Sun

In July something wonderful and rare happened. 
It didn't rain one bit for 18 straight days.
This has never happened in the history of northern England!
(I'm not sure that fact is historically correct but it sure felt like it)
British people were going mad. People were wearing swimsuits to work.
Nobody was in in the office on a Friday afternoon.
Immigrants from southern Europe were about to take over.
It all ended, of course, but it was so good until it lasted!

martedì 10 luglio 2018

My Home Might Be No Palace {Berlin}

At the beginning of July we went to Berlin for a weekend. 

Officially to attend a concert, (my Christmas gift!), we were also finally visiting friends after years of talking about it.

I didn't take any actual decent picture at the concert as I really wanted to be in the moment and immersed in those couple of hours. 

It was a short time and the main event was the concert of course, but we were able to walk around a bit before and after. 

When I'm visiting some place I always try to see as much as I can in the shortest time I can, but this time around, because of the logistics of it all, we were more chilled out and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. 

It helped a lot that the concert was one of the greatest I've been to, the weather was great, the people were my amazing people.

I'm one of the lucky people to have a group of friends that might have changed slightly during the years but with basically always the same core since high school. 

Since then we've been apart, from time to time. Emotionally, or physically scattered all over the world, the universe, for a short time, for infinity. 

It's overwhelmingly surprising to realise though how easy it is to fall back in comforting, warm bond just as soon as we are together, and even more, to be sure it'll happen time and time again.

lunedì 25 giugno 2018

The Longest Day of The Year {Copenaghen}

At the end of June we decided to finally go visit a friend that we have planned to visit for ages.
It just happened to be on the longest days of the year: what better place to be in than one of the most northern capital in continental Europe?
We normally plan our trips, but since this was just a weekend and we were staying with our friend, we just let him decide where to take us, being an expert on the city after living there for several years.
He also happens to be a quiet, reserved person,  not a coincidence he’s one of M best friend and best man.
This particular fact makes him explore places that are not very touristic or in general full of people, and were we lucky to be able to stop over these lesser known locations that we wouldn’t , otherwise, never have seen.
We went all the way to see the coast of Sweden and a remote park with castles and deer!
But of course, we also needed to see some of the typical ones: the little mermaid, one of all. I was so fascinated when I was a kid by the idea of mermaids and by this one in particular.
In fact , is the only thing I remember from when I visited Denmark with my family in the early 90s.
But this time around I was more fascinated by the amount of people there! I wonder how many pictures are taken in a day is this places.
To take all the advantage we could of the very long days , after walking, after dinner, after another stroll, and after taking the train to go back home, we still went by the beach and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. It was almost midnight. I was in awe.
I was also in awe by the couple that with no shame whatsoever took off all ALL of their clothes and just jumped in the water! 
Of course we had to go to Tivoli: the oldest roller coaster park in the world.
Problem is, I'm scared of I was happy to just walk without going on any rides, ah ( how old do I sound?)
And Christiania, where you can smoke weed but can't take pictures.
And the canal with pubs and bars and old boats and bridges.
It was such a good trip: the city is clean, proper, civil but also fun and full and initiatives. 
The weather was gorgeous like it hasn't been in years. 
Seeing a country and an old friend. No better way to spend a weekend!