martedì 22 maggio 2018

Don't Look Back in Anger. I {HEART} Manchester.

On May 22, 2017 , 22 lives were taken.
One split second that broke families and shook the foundation of the city.
Many, hundreds small and big acts of kindness flooded in the weeks following.
From donations to the injured and the victim's families, to the free bee tattoos available around town.
Manchester reacted in a calm, unangered way, refusing to be consumed.
This is just a glimpse of Saint Anne square.

* Saffie Rose Roussos, 8 * Martyn Hett, 29 * Georgina Callander, 18 * Olivia Campbell, 15 * 
Elaine Mclver, 43 * John Atkinson, 26 * Kelly Brewster,32 * Alison Lowe,44 * Lisa Lees, 43 * Marcin Kils,42 * Angelina Kils, 39 * Nell Jones, 14 * Jane Tweedle-Taylor, 50 * Michelle Kiss, 45  * Sorrell Leczkowski, 14 * Chloe Rutherford, 17 * Liam Curry, 19 * Eilidh MacLeod, 14 * 
Wendy Fawell, 50 * Courtney Boyle, 19 * Philip Tron, 32 * Megan Hurley, 15 *

lunedì 21 maggio 2018

The Half Marathon

On May 20th hundreds of people decided to gather all together and run for 21 kilometers.
Why they would do it is beyond me , but non the less I went and took pictures.
It was the hottest day of the year so far and the sky was blue as blue it can be.

There were people dressed up in crazy outfit...

and M. dressed in plain black, ah!

Isn't Manchester pretty?

at the arrival there were people fainting...

but mostly , there were people hugging. Which is always great to see.

Of course we had to had breakfast at our favourite place! Someone (not me!) definitely earned it!

To the next!

lunedì 7 maggio 2018

What I've Learned This Week |Twelve| English Version

Three weeks in at the new job and I've definitely learned a bunch of useful stuff.

But the English bit still surprises me. How do I not know this things already!?

In any case, blame me or not, here they are:

One. Expressions
"(I)can't be arsed!" Literally "I can't be bothered", because to do some thing you have to get off your arse. Oh my Brits. How I love thee. 
Especially if you came from Manchester and were the biggest boy band in the 90s.

"To make decisions in a vacuum" To make decisions without considering the outside circumstances and therefore consequences. In a vacuum, i.e. in total isolation.
I always wrongly though it meant to make decision in a rush way. Go figure!

Two. Pronunciation.
Chase <> Cease
to chase, (chās), v, pursue in order to catch, -inseguire.  to cease, (sēs),v, bring to an end, -cessare.

Contempt <> Content 
contempt, (kənˈtɛm(p)t/) ,n, the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath worthless consideration , -disprezzo
content, (kənˈtɛnt/) ,n+v, the feeling of peace and happiness, to satisfy, -contento.

Three. Words
plinth : n, a heavy base supporting a statue or vase, -piedistallo
hosiery : n, stockings, socks, and tights collectively, -intimi, calzetteria

Four. #Brits
you know how they say Eskimos have 20 different words for ice?
In England, in a menu you could find:

3.chips on only potatoes 

and they would all refer to the same, wonderful, delicious vegetable. 
Potatoes. Even dipped in Chardonnay vinegar!

domenica 29 aprile 2018

The Lake District, Second Time

road trips and sunday walks and british skies and sheep and parents and rain and sun and wooden gates and husband and horses in town and teas and cheeses and churches glasses and rivers and pubs and toffee puddings for dinner

domenica 22 aprile 2018

What I've Learned This Week |Eleven|

1. Giving your resignation from a job that just wasn't right for you gives a very good feeling of freedom.

two. I had almost two weeks of time in between jobs. I had a whole list of things to do. I love lists. I love having things to do. I also love having the possibility of having to do something and being able to post pone it to give naps a Netflix the priority, ah!

Three. It felt good to not having anyplace to be or anyone to listen to for a couple of weeks . but I'm sure it was just because I knew I soon was going to have someplace to be and a boss to listen to every morning.

FOUR. How is it that the time spent at home always seems shorter? Or better how is it that I always miscalculate how long a task will take to get done or how long that 30 minutes episode actually ends up being...!

FiVe. I love, love, love new beginnings, and this is a such a big one.
Almost everything I've known for the past year is going to change.
My normal day consisted in a very long and dreaded driving commute to a job I didn't love, before, most days, an hour in a gym that I needed after all that time spent seated.
I now can decide to ride my bike to work, or better take the bus given the raining days rate in Manchester, walk in the city center for fifteen minutes, loving the job for the values and the purpose of the company and and don't feel the physical need to go to the gym given all the walking I will be doing.
This is a big change. And it's going to be good!

domenica 8 aprile 2018

London, baby!

"We needed new furniture". 
What a good excuse to go to London for the weekend.
It was pouring rain and didn't stop one second, but London it's very worth it. 
And we did find our furniture, ah!

The very peculiar restaurant we had lunch in ^^