venerdì 18 gennaio 2019

What I've Learned This Week |Fourteen|

One.Days are getting looong. It’s so good to be able to see the sun!
Both in the morning before work but especially for almost an hour after work it feels like you can do so much more than potato couching until you can’t feel your legs.

Two. I read an article about finance and statistic ( #geek) that mention the Markowitz modern portfolio theory , i.e  the “Efficient Frontier”.
It has always fascinated me since I first run into it I think during my first statistic class in university.
The theory states and proves that the link between risks and returns is not directly proportional.
You would think it went like fig 1, when actually it goes more like fig 2.

"Excuse the crudity of this model" Cit.

The efficient frontier explains why the line is curved : there is a diminishing marginal return to risk. That means that gains on returns get smaller and smaller for each unit of risk added to a portfolio.
That means that above a certain point, the gains are not worth the risks.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could just apply this to life? Putting numbers in a file and easily decide until when to go for it? How much effort to put to have a reasonable benefit? I’m pretty sure there will never be an excel formula able to do that, but it’s nice figuring out that that’s actually the aim of it all.
Find the right hope to push it , always, so that the line will go onward and upwards as long as possible.

Three. For the new year, I’ve met with a friend and decided to do a list of things we want to accomplish, get done with, improve or start from scratch in 2019. It’s a list of 19 points. Some points aim for a repetition of 19. It’s very ambitious! Let’s see how it goes!

Four.the other night we were listening to a random playlist on Spotify while cleaning up the kitchen, like we always do after dinner, and “Build me up buttercup” came up. This song has such a meaning! On one of our first outings with friends the husband and I went to a karaoke bar (…and yet again, #geek)and sang this song like it was nobody’s business. It was more than eleven years ago. A rush of emotions came back: gloom, love, china blues and most of all, great gratitude for those moments, in the past, and in the present. Pretty amazing how a random R&B song from the 70s can do that.

Happy WeekEnd! Life is good!!

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