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Jalla, Jalla! {Morocco Part 1}

(part 2 and part 3 are here)
Day 1
We landed in Marrakesh late at night on September 18.
The warm air rescued our bones after the first months of British fall.
We went through security and our guide was waiting for us just outside the airport.
One of my favourite part of travel : these first steps outside on foreign land. 
As soon as we were brought in our hotel, a very nice riad inside the medina, we were asked if we wanted to visit “the square” : and so we did. 

What a sight.

People, music, food, teenagers, families with kids, elderly, fruits, candies, barbecues, horses, locals, foreigners, cats and dogs, henne tattoo makers, lamps vendors, chinese sellers, tour guides, "want to eat? good food, good food!" 

Day 2
The morning after we got up early to the sound of the call of prayer of the mu'addhin to start our road trip through the High Atlas to the desert.

Marrakesh view from the riad

a view of the High Atlas

first green valley we spotted

Right before lunch time we arrived at the fortified village Ait Benhaddou.

It's one of the most well preserved village: inside the walls are half a dozen kasbahs where 4 families still live (with no electricity or running water).

It was the set of many movies including games of throne of which they seem all very proud but I looked at them lostly as I had (or have)any idea of what they where talking about. The scene with the dragons!? ok.

Ait Benhaddou


from the top of one of the kasbah you can see the more modern village on the other side of the river 

the view on the way to Skoura

somewhere in between

We reached the oasis of dates palm in the late afternoon and after all the high mountains and the desert we went by that day it was a pretty surprise.

an abandoned kasbah in the middle of the grove

the sky was spectacular

the biggest and sweetest dates I've ever eaten

By dawn we arrived at Skoura where one can visit the most well preserved kasbah.

Look at the detail. That's dirt and straw. Every year after the rain season they reconstruct what comes down and keep it renew.


After this visit we found our hotel, have dinner there and basically zonked out after a very full day.

Morocco was keeping up the expectations.

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