domenica 3 settembre 2017

What I've Learned This Week |Three| September Is The Other January

I love lists.
I love making lists, adding to lists, crossing things off lists.
I also love new beginnings, and I seize every opportunity to catch them.
I love the feeling of a new slate, even if it's basically just in my mind.
And because September is the other January, it's time to "start" things right!
I have a few overall goals, some are for September only, some are serious, some make barely any sense.

one. physical.
I already do a pretty good job with physically activity since I go to the gym three times a week and sometimes I add a weekly run. But again, doing things every day has a fascinating aspect so for the month I will do a physical activity everyday.
Having visited a lot of nutritionist and also being very interested in how the human body works, I know exactly what I should eat to reach and maintain a good weight. But I eat more when I'm stressed and then it takes me forever to lose what I've gained. I'm in a good period now, I don't have many excuses, so for the month I will rigidly follow the rules, no exceptions.

The only times I get to read are in bed before falling asleep and on the plane. I used to fly so much that I somehow devoured books, but now I fly less and local, and at night we've got in the habit of watching Netflix, that for me actually means the habit of falling asleep after two minutes watching Netflix. I have two books to finish, and I'm giving myself 30 days to do so. Should really be enough!

four. home.
I'm the messiest person in the whole world.
I'm not disorganised, or dirty in any way, I'm the definition of messy. I lose things, I don't know where I left something I was holding in my hand four seconds ago, I leave things open, I don't make my bed and most of all I'm not really bother by mess. I don't see it unless I really try to look for it.
And if I lived alone it wouldn't really be a problem, but the thing is, I don't live alone. And for my marriage sake I will start to push myself to do something more than my usual chores.

i'n not very good at being lady like and having a beauty routine. Turn out though, that after 30, it shows. So here's to daily moisture, skin and hair, maybe with products bought not over the counter at the super market, and i will dare make up.

six. spirit.
there is s much inspiration out there, and so much to learn, both from religious than from non religious. work dedicated to lift our spirit, make us grateful and live the moment. I've been back and forth with my church , but got closer after my wedding. I felt very connected to the priest that celebrated our wedding and followed him regularly for the year before the wedding. I felt like I was really learning something every Sunday and sometimes now I find myself longing for those hours listening to him. I still haven't found anyone I feel comfortable with here, but I can start by reading myself, and that's what I'll do. Because Saint Therese is one of my favourite author spiritual master, and because she was also cited at our wedding, I will start with study about her.

I will during the month chronicle part of the journey here, just for the sake of keeping track.
Alright then! Got hit the gym now!

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