mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

Day 1

Today is the beginning of lent, that means , for me, fasting.
I worked an awful lot.
Got in early, got off really late, which kinda helps with the not-having-dinner-nor-lunch-nor-breakfast day.
Because of the fast I can not even think about doing physical activity that I'm supposed to (and going to!) do during lent.
But, what I can do, is study chinese, my 10 new words! having had chinese lesson yesterday really helps !
here they are!

1.高峰 gao1feng1 peak
2.豪华 hao2hua2 luxurious
3.积极 ji1ji2 active/positive
4.事故 shi4gu4 accident
5.奇妙 qi2miao4 wonderful
6.噪音 zao4yin1 noise
7.拥挤 yong1ji3 crowded
8. 休闲 xiu1xian2 laze around
9.迅速 xun4su4 rapid/rapidly
10. 污染 wu1ran4 pollution

With a phone call with a friend on the way home and an invite to dinner for next week, I guess I can really say that I had a very good day.

2 commenti:

  1. Io faccio il tifo per te
    ma la parola piu` bella e` stata qi2miao4 miaoooo


  2. miaoooo miaooooooooo wonderful!