giovedì 16 novembre 2017

What I've Learned This Week |Nine|

one.Day light saving is a blast. Right? Right? I have to convince myself. Because seriously, nightlike sky at 4,30 pm,  not sure I’ll get used to it.

two.Sometimes I read or hear about cultures special days or celebrations, and I really want to make them mine. Thanksgiving? Giving thanks is the first solution to happiness proposed in every book. Yom Kippor? The day of atonement. Never heard of it before a podcast I listen too and It sounds like such a good idea. I want to dig more and see what interests me.

three.I don’t like to shop. I really really dislike the whole trying clothes on in a fitting room. This could be one of the reasons why I only own one block dress that I wear for all formal occasion…and that I left in Italy. So yet again, this Saturday my quest is : find a dress. Black. Long. Elegant. And possibly cheap. Ah!

four. I’m pretty sure my English is improving , but I don’t always realise it because most of the time I understand all the words I hear/read. But this one was the surprise of the week
Thwarted : disappointingly unsuccessful; "My plans were thwarted (mandati all’aria)"

five. I read and Listen to Gretchen Rubin every week, and this past Monday she read a passage form one of my favourite books: “Charlotte’s web”. I really want to gift it to all of my niece and nephews to read it , but I also really don’t want to gift them a book where a “Charlotte” dies. Anyways, I digress! She read a passage of the book that made her think about the fact that  - sometimes in the midst of a very ordinary day, we’re reminded of our most transcendent values, and we’re given the opportunity to live up to those values, if we choose.

What would I do if I choose to live up to my values at every given opportunity?

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