domenica 15 ottobre 2017

What I've Learned this Week |Seven|

one. Listening to Spotify I stumbled upon very old song that reminded of my youth.  Hey, I might not remember what I ate at lunch but I still know all the words of this masterpiece.

two. I started a Chinese language course yet again. Speaking of memory, it seems like my brain was on strike and I couldn't even remember how to say "clothes". I spent so much time studying this very hard language that it's such a shame to forget it all now, so back to school it is. 
The University place it's pretty stunning too and I'm glad I have a reason to visit it once a week.

three. I read somewhere a quote from Albert Camus that made me think.
"If there is a sin against life, it lies perhaps less in despairing of it than in hoping for another life, and evading the implacable grandeur of the one we have."
I very much agree with dear old Albert. I really want to concentrate on what I have and enjoy the grandeur of it.
What do you think it's a sin against life?

four. the weather in Manchester it's pretty much always autumn like, but I really noticed the change in the past week or so .
Days are shorter but it's been sunny and cozy and red and yellow everywhere.

five. In my attempt to find a good spiritual master I talked to one of the Italian friend here in Manchester that I thought could help me and was I right. She even knew about a mass celebrated in Italian once a month in one of the central Catholic churches. Too bad is the only weekend in October we're not going to spend in Manchester! to next month...

happy belated weekend everyone! Life is busy and supergood!

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