venerdì 8 settembre 2017

What I've Learned This Week |Four|

One. I believed I knew English pretty well, but then I moved to Manchester.
Today I couldn’t spell Fulfilment. Turns out there is only on L!
How long before I’ll comfortably say Aubergine, Flat and Lift?
Long live the Queen!
(but the City Center (or Centre?) will always be “downtown” for me. The Boss cannot be wrong)

Two. When you ask for a password and they insist the password you’re using is right, even after many failed attempts, before involving the whole IT office, try the Caps Lock. You won’t regret it. Believe me on this one.

Three. The view from my office printer room is amazingly weird.

Four. For my improvement September I started to declutter my inbox. In the past week I counted an average of 5 emails a day I didn’t need or want to read.
The button Unsubscribe gives a certain level of satisfaction.

Five. My phone, as of now is: my clock, my watch, my alarm, my secretary, my phone, my social media manager, my dictionary, my ipod, my magazines , my GPS, my camera, the source of many of my communication with family and friends, what the hell, I even watch movies on it. 
The thing is though, lately is not been working really well, or maybe I should say it’s not been working at all. The battery dies after a few minutes of it being unplugged (the joy of technology!) , the memory is always full no matter what I delete, and now even the clock refuse to keep with time. After having a fun couple of mornings not waking up because my phone was two hours behind, I realised, once again , I need to let it go and don’t rely on it this much.
I’m leaving it in by bag at work and I need to indulge in a splurge, spend five pounds and buy an alarm.

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