lunedì 24 luglio 2017

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Hogwarts model used for the outside scenes
the hall

On July 22nd we went visit the Harry Potter Studios in London
After a 3 hour drive on Friday, we spent the night in a local place and by Saturday morning I was so excited I could barely believe we were there.
I’ve discovered Harry Potter at an old age, ah!, but non the less, I get giddy about it as a 12 year old.
The tour is well organised and we ended up at the café’/restaurants area just in time for a morning break.
Butterbeer was in fact, one of the things I really wanted to try, and it didn’t disappoint!
No wonder the students of Hogwarts always want to visit the Three Boomsticks.

The whole tour takes about four hours, including the Forbidden forest and the gift shop.

What amazed me the most is the realisation of how much work there is behind a movie like this.

All of the rooms must be designed and worked on, the buildings might have not be constructed from ground, but the projects and bluprints and layout are all there.

How the skills of make up artists made us see what we could only imagine.

"I must not tell lies"

Mrs Umbridge Education Decrees

How the ability of directors translated words into images and lights.

Dumbledoor offices door

the pensieve memories

How the imagination of one woman , drawn by her depression and hope, became a whole world where we (I) can dwell into?

the potions class

the book from the Half Blood Prince

How the attention to detail creates something so real.


"You have something on your lips"

the knight bus

the cupboard under the stairs

the Potters cottage

animation of Dobby

Diagon Alley

weasleys wizard wheezes

on the train 
what do you see on the mirror of Erised? 

the amazing projects behind it all

I left the studio feeling really impressed by the ability of people to imagine, believe and create.

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