giovedì 13 marzo 2014

Day 8, It's been a week!

Finally today was the day I went to my first rowing lesson!
it was very much fun even though we didn't actually get into the water.
But od course I had to snap a couple of pictures since I'm not sure I will be able to take my phone next time...since we're actually going in!(well, hopefully not actually in the water...)

The lesson lasted a couple of hours and it can definitely count as my 30 minutes daily workout since my arms hurt already.

here are the ten words for the day!
41. river 河 he2
42. boat 船 chuan2
43. canoe --> got to ask this!!
44. rowing 划船 hua2 chuan2
45. sport club 体育俱乐部 ti yu ju2 le bu3
46. Turin 都灵 duo lin
47. crew 船员 chuan2 yuan2
48. paddle 桨 jiang3
49. races 比赛 bi3 sai4
50. rules 规则 gui1 ze2

So it's been a week, and it's going well!
The hardest part, got to admit, it's the coffee. I can not believe it.
Must mean I am really dipendent from it and taking a break can't hurt.
Until tomorrow... :)

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