martedì 10 luglio 2018

My Home Might Be No Palace {Berlin}

At the beginning of July we went to Berlin for a weekend. 

Officially to attend a concert, (my Christmas gift!), we were also finally visiting friends after years of talking about it.

I didn't take any actual decent picture at the concert as I really wanted to be in the moment and immersed in those couple of hours. 

It was a short time and the main event was the concert of course, but we were able to walk around a bit before and after. 

When I'm visiting some place I always try to see as much as I can in the shortest time I can, but this time around, because of the logistics of it all, we were more chilled out and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. 

It helped a lot that the concert was one of the greatest I've been to, the weather was great, the people were my amazing people.

I'm one of the lucky people to have a group of friends that might have changed slightly during the years but with basically always the same core since high school. 

Since then we've been apart, from time to time. Emotionally, or physically scattered all over the world, the universe, for a short time, for infinity. 

It's overwhelmingly surprising to realise though how easy it is to fall back in comforting, warm bond just as soon as we are together, and even more, to be sure it'll happen time and time again.

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