lunedì 10 marzo 2014

Day 4&5 The Weekend

I loove weekends!
ok , who doesn't. really.
Mine was super good , emotional and fulfilling.
On Saturday I woke up early ( why? why ? all my life. I'll never know), and decided it was time to try a new recipe of vegan pancakes. It turned out amazing! I want it to become a Saturday tradition!
I'm actually sorry I didn't take any pictures, (dang!) but I'm going to make up for it with a tutorial recipe here next time I make them.
After a cleaned off the mess from the pancakes , I went to the farmers market, like every other Saturday on earth.
I love farmers markets, I love the walking there, the crowd , the smells and the noises.
This week in particular, my friend with her very cute baby came along. Too bad he cried the whole time, poor thing.
I cooked for the rest of the afternoon, which is kinda awesome: fresh food, plenty of time.
I went to bed early because Sunday it was going to be a huge day.
Here's the reason:

Special Olympics.
You can not find anything more Special than that.
It was wonderful to see all of this people together for one reason: having fun.
I was there all day to coordinate and host the 10 teams that were visiting, but I actually most of time got to yell as a super fan for my team! My voice it's still suffering, but it was very worth it.
the ten words for the day ( for the weekend) are for this reason related to basket!

21.篮球  lan2 qiu2 basket
22. 篮球  lan2 qiu2  basket ball
23. 篮球场 lan2 qiu2 chang3 field
24. 团队 tan2 dui4 team
25. 教练 jiao4 lian4 coach
26. 制服 zhi4 fu3  uniform
27.奥运 ao4 yun4 olympics
28.志願者 zhi4 yuan4 zhe3 volunteer
29.殘疾 can2 ji2 special need
30.友誼 you2 yi4 friendship

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