venerdì 7 marzo 2014

Day 3

I'm falling asleep!
Very good day!
Early rise, work, eat , work, work out , dinner with friends.
I did go to the gym today and I always feel super happy un pumped up when I leave.
My trainers are amazing and I love them. I would have never stuck to a gym plan if it wasn't for them.
Actually I've never ever stuck to a gym plan before.
But today I've got the phone call I was waiting for since June : I'm starting rowing next week!
Therefore I won't be able to go the gym as often, but hopefully I will join the these gals in a couple of weeks! ah!
Italy National Team

It's the weekend. And I looooove saturday mornings!
I didn't study chinese, but hopefully I will catch up.
You all have a wonderful weekend, I know mine 's going to be pretty great!

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