domenica 2 settembre 2018

The Future is Europe {Brussels}

At the end of August we went to Brussels for a weekend. It's really easy flying aways for just a couple of days from Manchester and it helps having friends scattered all over the world! 
We started the trip with an evacuation from the boarding hall that brought a 4 hour delay on our flight. 1 hour flight. 4 hour delay. because somebody smoked in the airport bathroom. 
Anyhow, by 3 o clock in the morning we were at our very sleepy friends house, he was so kind to arrange a taxi for us , by that time we missed the last bus to town, and surtout wait for us!

We were lucky enough to have sunny and warm days until the very last hour there, and we were able to walk around the whole time.

Being a Political Science alumni I was eager to walk by the European Institutions, but I guess being an old and grumpy and (almost) British grownup let the magic fades away a little. Do we still believe in this? Who does? If there was a referendum like in the United Kingdom in all the other countries , what would win? I never thought brexit had a chance, and yet here we are. 

There was a lot of food involved in a two day trip. Street food fish that tasted like gourmet Michelin restaurant, huge roasted pork shank for dinner, and infinite chocolate and waffles store windows to stare at.


Belgium is the country of Tin Tin, and he is everywhere: the walls graffiti reminded of him and even people just walking around!

People standing in line to take a picture of a little pissing man. 61 cm of bronze that officially symbolise the sense of humor of the people there, and, according to Wikipedia, their independence of mind. A pissing man. OK.

Goodbye Brussel! Goodbye Parliament! Always in the hope that YOU will BE the future.

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