lunedì 4 giugno 2018

London, Take Two (...hundred?)

(I'm trying to figure out how many times I've been to London in my life, but apparently I forgot how to count...)

At the beginning of June we went back to London, yet again, just for the weekend.

M was there for work so I took a train saturday morning and spent one and a half day in the capital!

It's pretty hard getting fed up of the city so we grab every opportunity we have to go.

This time around we just wandered without any kind of direction and ended up in places I'v never been before.

I was surprise on how much the city was empty, or at least the block we were in , on Sunday morning. I guess people sleep (anmd drink) here too!

I love England because of the amount of different places, locations, people, races, social class all living together. It's hard to describe. London sums it up amazingly well. 
(but not as well as Manchester, ah!) 

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