sabato 27 gennaio 2018

Camels Are Actually Dromedaries {Morocco Part 2}

(part 1 and part 3 are here)
Day 3
We left the Dades Valley early in the morning to start our travels to the Todra gorges.
the hotel we stayed in was pretty smacked in the middle of nowhere and the view both at night and in the morning were spectacular.

growing village on old ruins

who run the world? GIRLS!

green valley on the road to the gorge

the minaret always must be the tallest building, so that it's easy to find

local tourists...teenagers are the same everywhere :D

We arrived at the opening of the gorge late in the morning. All kinds of commercial activities go on around that area, due to the large amount of tourists during every season.
We had the chance to encounter a group of nomads with donkeys going walking through the gorge. 

spectacular natural colours of the stones
From Todras we took the direction of Merzouga where we left our 4x4 and like two very dorks as we are rent the tour on what we thought were going to be camels but actually...are dromedaries! 
grey desert before the dunes

getting closer to the dunes and the first "camels"


we rode the droms for about an hour, such a fun experience ( not sure how fun it is for the animals...)

the guy with us on the tour kept checking his phone for kidding...he found it!

We spent the night in the tented camp on the dunes. the tents were basically a five stars hotel, we even had running water and the en suite bathroom. According to the guide the energy is provided by solar panels which makes sense, but we could actually hear the generator running not too far away. Too bad tough because it could be a totally sustainable stay.

the stars with no light pollution. didn't even have to put the camera on the stand. this is just from a f60 setting. Amazing.

they light up a fire, and someone drank and danced around it...we went to bed :D
What at a day we had again. Nightfall was honestly one of the best ever.

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