giovedì 14 dicembre 2017

Meal in the Mail

Scrolling Facebook I often see sponsored posts that in fact interest me. Power of algorithms, I guess!
One of those was the meal in the mail service that many companies provide.  
I've never went forward though and actually ordered those until I receive a 40% discount in the mail.
I mean 40%! I had to try it.

My first one was Hello Fresh.

The process is pretty straight forward, you go on the website, you pick your recipes, you get your box at home/office/wherever.

It seems like a perfect plan! 
You get the exact ingredients for the recipe you picked, you get the step by step guide to the recipe, they all take 30 to 40 minutes to prepare and cook, you save time not going to the groceries store, you save ingredients having the exact quantities you need.

Here's the think though. You don't save the environment. Not at all.

First of all, for them to be able to send you meat and other goods they need to pack it nicely. 
A lot of ice (in plastic) and a lot of wool and a lot of cartons, that you just have to throw away.


Second of all, because the ingredients are in the exact amount, they pack every single ingredient for that exact recipe: this means, for example, a plastic bag for 80 gr of rice, another one for another 70 gr, 2 basil leaves in another bag, 15 gr of cumin in another bag and so on.
It's like a huge plane meal tray with single serving of everything in it.


It's also supposed to not make you waste food because the ingredients are in the exact amount, but the very high possibility is that you won't like some of the ingredients of the recipe and you just won't use it. You could have saved it all together.

The trash can was full by the end of the night and we only had one meal. 
I really don't think it's worth it. 

I take a lot of planes and I ride my car to work, so who I am to blame others. 
But some things are avoidable. (check this out)
One of them being a plastic wrap to cover single clove of garlic.

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