mercoledì 29 novembre 2017

Manchester Lately

It's been a while since I've written, those are long days, and weeks!
So many things going on, I have to wrap my head around it.
I also wanted to tell things chronologically here but I haven't had the time or better the inclination to work on the pictures from our latest trip .
I'm having many difficulties with the Apple method of storing pictures and even the easiest task takes me a long time and many nervous breakdowns.

It's been cold! It never gets many degrees below zero, but some mornings i find ice on the windows of the car. It's winter and sunny and cool and brisk. Finally!

Sunday I finally went to Mass . Once a month there is a Mass in Italian in this little Church downtown called the Hidden Gem , for good reason!
After Mass I stopped for coffee with a young couple I already know and a family of four. It was good. It just felt good, and connecting and normal and peaceful after a rough and emotional couple of days.

There is one music shop very close to where we live ; they sell vinyls and used CD and coffee and tea and guitars, very peculiar, especially in our block.

I saw a CD from the Ocean Colour Scene and I had to buy it.
It's been so nice to listen to the group lately: it brought back memories from the old days but warmth with words and pronunciation that are now familiar.
My favourite: The Day We Caught The Train.

Talking about music and old days, I really felt like I missed something not going to see one of my favourite bands when I was a baby that came here in Manchester, so when Hanson published their tour I really couldn't resist and bought 2 tickets for the Sunday night concert. MMMMpop!

Brexit talks are going on and on and things are still very unknown.Manchester is still, however, very on the labour side. So it's easy to spot graffiti like this.

Whenever I randomly find something from home I have to buy it! It was nice seeing it there and they definatly tasted better :)

Yesterday it was my last Chinese lesson, for this year. 
The teacher was one of my best teacher I've ever had. She always  knew the how to respond to our ( my) questions and never reply with a non conclusive answer.
She is Chinese, engaged to a Polish boy, going back to China for a bit now and than moving to Norway. How crazy I got to meet her? 
How crazy is it that for 4 months you spend 3 hours a week one to one with a person almost one to one, and then all of a sudden you know you most probably  never going to meet again? 
Or maybe some day I'll move to Norway and take her class again :)

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