giovedì 5 ottobre 2017

What I've Learned This Week | Six | Autumn is here

A recap of my September quests

one. physical.
I wasn't able to do something every single day, but out of 30 days , I:
went to the gym 15 times
walked 10,000 steps 8 times
went for a run 3 times
for a total of 26 days of activity. Not too shabby.
booo. my weakness. I did perfectly just 14 days while I broke some kind of rule 16 days.
For some reason, I can only follow the rules during Lent, when I'm perfectly able to restrict myself.

I finally finished "This is your Life Harriet Chance" , that I loved. I then started and finished "The Four Tendencies"  from one of my favourite non fictional author Gretchen Rubin. I liked it, but being a fan of the author, I was already aware of most of the concepts she explained in the book. still a good read though.

four. home.
I forced myself to contribute to the order in the house. It kinda worked. I set the alarm 10 minutes earlier each morning and I tidied up the living room and the kitchen from the day before; I set the washing machine or I folded laundry. Before going to bed , I swept the floor a little more deeper than I would have, or I make sure that the bathroom is somewhat presentable. I could definitely do better , but it definitely better than before...even though I'm not even sure my husband noticed.

I didn't really buy any new product from any fancy shop, but I did finish the conditioner I opened 6 months ago, but simply using it everyday. I wore a new pair of earrings I received as a gift. I took a little container and put facial lotion in it to keep on the bed side table so I remember to put it on everyday. but make up never really touched my face in any of the 30 days ( I think I haven't wore any since my wedding 11 months ago!)

six. spirit.
I still haven't found anyone I feel comfortable with having to listen every Sunday morning here, and that's probably because I haven't even looked for one!
but I did start reading a website called "she reads truth". I'm not sure about it yet. It's a little too spiritual for me. I have to start looking, knowing that nothing will ever compare to my favourite.

So overall: I had good ideas and a good start I think, by consistency is key , so I have to continue as there is always, always room for improvement.

Autumn is here, I love new seasons and seizing the opportunity for new beginnings.

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