domenica 4 maggio 2014

One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days.
When you have to go to work when everybody else has a day off.
You start your car, and no, it does not make a good sound, not at all.
You think you can finish early, being that nobody is in the office but on the contrary, because nobody is in the office, you end up doing one hundred things that take you forever.
You get a phone call from your father in law... remember that time he came to pick you up because you car was on fire and he had to drive back with the breakdown truck and you drove his car?
You've got a ticket. With his car. For speeding. Great.
You cooked some dinner when I've got home and...oh no, you forgot the lemons. You actually went into the store just to buy the lemons and you forgot them.
You move the pot from the stove to the trivet...and it melts. Literally. The pot got stock to it and you make a mess.
And while you were trying to escape from the mess and not burn your self and save what was left to kick a vase in the balcony. And brake it.
But than you realized that yes, you had to got to work when no one else was but your commute took half the time and thanks to the fact that the phone didn't ring once and the inbox was basically empty for the whole day you've finally got through that task you kept on putting off.
You took a ticket but at least you weren't fast enough to get your license suspended.
You can still use the trivet, it still looks good enough for the table.
The vase you broke was empty, and it had been empty for probably a year. Now that it's broken you can finally throw it away.
So I guess yesterday was one of those days. When you realized that you're pretty lucky after all.

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