martedì 11 marzo 2014

Day 7

Today I took this picture and I tweeted it out to the mayor of my town.
No response yet. Yeah , right, like I was expecting one.

This is basically the state of the country: everything is there, there's place for everything, it could work well, but people just trash it and nobody reacts.

I did my 30 minutes routine, the only thing is it's becoming more like a 20 minutes thing, I should probably add some cardio pretty soon.

In honor of the trash post, here's some good chinese words:

31. 垃圾 le4se4 trash
32. 垃圾桶 le4 se4 tong3 trash can
33.扔 reng2  throw away
34. 垃圾填埋场 le4 se4 tian2 mai3 chang2 landfill
35. 回收 hui2 shou1 recycle
36. 干净 gang1 jing4 clean
37. 脏 zang4 dirty
38. 温室效应 wenshi xiao4 yin4 greenhouse effect
39. 尊敬 zun1 jing4 respect
40. 不敬 bu jing4 disrespect

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