lunedì 24 marzo 2014

Day 13&14&15&16&17

Is this fair? haha
seriously, I thought I had time everynight or everymorning to write down my day, but it turns out I don't!
and also not all my day are that interesting .... and I'm not that good at writing.

It would be probably good to just see what I can do.

So here's to brief summaries and good times to tell.

This week has been super busy, and tiring.
Leave the house at 6.20 every morning to take to boy to the station for his commute of the week, working al day and then,
Monday : rowing; this is the results;

Tuesday: chinese lesson;

Wednesday: rowing + jazz concert of the boy!
Thursday: went to France for work;
Friday:  gym
Saturday: I took it easy, finally and walked around downtown

Sunday: I hung out with this guy!

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