domenica 16 marzo 2014

Day 10, The Concert

Friday night we went to a concert that I was very exited about, and it was just perfect.

 It was in a theatre, and we weren't very closed,but being used to the big stadium concerts I really could not believe I could actually see the singer!
I know all the songs and therefore I sang all the songs. Poor people in front of me, I think they wanted to hush me at a certain point.
Samuele Bersani  performed perfectly, some of the songs were just like out of the stereo, his voice is smooth and soft and strong and light and perfect.
He did some without the band and if I closed my eyes i could just imagine of having him right next to me without any other noise around.
His songs are just like poetry, he uses words you wouldn't normally find in songs, but they sound just in place as he sings and they make so much sense. most of them.
Anyhow, I could never be a concert critic, all the words I can add are just, perfect, perfect and too short. Next time I want a 4 hour concert.

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