mercoledì 14 agosto 2013

The Smallest Loser

I pay to go to gym.
I pay the gas to go to the gym and also my personal trainer. Because he's awesome. And because I'm cool like that.
Actually, I'm not cool at all. I'm lazy as hell and without him I wouldn't go.
I just wouldn't have the (insert whatever you want here) to go.
So then I pay the orthopedic. I pay him to let him tell me that my knee is fine. And the 200 bucks I paid for the MRI, well...the MRI didn't really show anything.
which I'm really happy about!!! :DDD
but no running. baaad for the knee. very baaad for the knee. of course. it's free! so it must be off the table for now ever.
So what now?
Well, now I make a bet. not with my self.oh, no no. with the whole world. the interwebs. the www.
This is genius.
It's the Biggest Loser for small losers.
It's the (imagine Allison Sweeney here)QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS! but for normal people.
It's the (imagine Bob Harper here) TITLE of the BIGGEST LOS..hem...4%.

It's 4% of your body weight in one month. It's doable. It's healthy. It's actually fun to be part of the group.

I'm in.
I'm all in.

Come join us?
MOVE! (imagine Jillian Michaels here) MOVE!

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